Depending on your quantities and styles, we can provide digital printing, screen printing and rotary printing. We have contacts with various established printers around the world, including the UK, Holland, Italy and the Far East.

We are able to provide both computer and hand embroideries, using a vast array of exciting and new embroidery techniques. Our experienced embroiderers cannot be rivalled in their ability and skill, working on intricate designs. A full folder of our embroidery work is available to view at our premises.

There has been a growing requirement for knit, hand knit and crochet in recent years, which is also a growing area for Djinn. We have textile knit designers that can assist with your knit requirements and help you to come up with new, innovative designs, and we can provide different wools and yarns.

Many of our clients require their garments to be packaged at our faculty, and sent out via courier. We can arrange for your products to be delivered hanging or folded into garment bags. If they are manufactured at our overseas factory, they can be finished and processed at our facilities in the UK. We offer dispatch to the retail stores straight from our base in the UK.