Djinn was established in 1989 in Leicester, a traditional textile region in the UK, and has manufactured garments for the premium sector of the market ever since. We have a factory in Leicester, as well as one in the Far East, which are both completely owned.

Our experience is extensive and our quality is hopefully reflected in the quality of our clients. We are a technology driven company that strives to constantly improve our garment manufacturing processes, while closely adhering to our tradition of quality and excellent customer service. We greatly value our highly skilled, dedicated staff and take pride in the quality of garments they have helped us manufacture for over 25 years.

Our mission is to provide professional garment manufacture to businesses at a competitive price. Through strategic partnerships and over twenty five years’ experience, Djinn continues to deliver high quality solutions to businesses of all sizes on a national or international level. We strive to deliver a full-service solution to our clients, covering all aspects of the production process: From the initial consultation, the design brief, sampling, production, and final delivery.

We work for many high end, luxury designers, both UK and international brands. We are unable to disclose these clients, as we respect the privacy of our clients. Potential customers are encouraged to visit our factories, meet the team and see for themselves, the quality of our work.

We can manufacture all types of garments, including tailored jackets, sportswear, outerwear and evening wear. We have experience working with various fabrics including (but not limited to) jersey, silk, wool and cotton.